SMS Tickets & Access Control

SendIt offers a unique system and a great opportunity for brands to engage, interact and add value to its clients’ mobile experience.

We provide a technological solution that is based on sending a code for mobile devices and redemption on small machine readers (OCR). Through this process we can quickly manage any need of ticketing, discount vouchers or access control. It’s a paperless solution that allows sending codes in a cost effective, innovative and green way. Printing costs are reduced as tickets are digital. For smart brands, distribution can be now more efficient than ever.


We generate alphanumeric codes that can be sent via SMS to any mobile phone model. Our algorithm guarantees the uniqueness of each generated code. There are thousands of combinations of characters, is virtually impossible to generate a valid code, adding characters randomly. Each code can either be redeemed only once or multiple times, proving system flexibility to answer your needs. Its reading process is highly redundant, allowing very similar characters (‘5’ and ‘S’) to be read correctly.

Our technology acts as a unique identifier for authenticating tickets, coupons, credentials, among others. The big advantage over other alternatives on the market, such as QR codes, relates to the ability to be delivered via SMS on any mobile phone regardless the model. Your customers don’t need to use a sophisticated smartphone, download a specific software or mobile application, proving to deliver higher redemption rates and allow viral campaigns in which users can forward SMS to friends, which in turn create new CRM data opportunities.

This has allowed the delivery of unique end-to-end solutions and effective ticket management in several contexts including music festivals and cinemas. SendIt has been in constant growth implementing as well an efficient access control system to offices.

Once the codes are redeemed, mobile customer relationship management databases can be enriched with lifestyle and purchase data allowing brands to build a more detailed profile of their customers for targeting with future marketing and promotional campaigns.


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