Professional Services

Our expertise and know-how on digital and mobile fields allows us to develop tailored solutions to organizations for specific uses. We live in a digital world and that’s a reality which brings amazing opportunities and unbelievably demands for innovative business models.

We help our clients choosing the solution or platform that is more suitable for their needs and we’ll decide together the most interesting features depending on the type of professional service they are in, such as SMS Banking, SMS Micro-Payments, SMS Alerts, among others. Healthcare organizations, for example, may want send automated SMS alerts for regular check-ups or appointment reminders in order to reduce the abstinence rates. The versatility of mobile marketing solutions may be considered endless. We try hard every day to be creative and to tap all the potential of this cutting-edge technology. We are immersed in this reality of mobilization and we are always looking forward to transform technology innovation into a business opportunity for our clients.

SendIt has developed several APIs to effectively deliver these services. Integration through API enables connection from our SMS gateway to the Client’s own application or website.